February 02, 2006

Sacrilege or Cartoon?

Its Scimitar Sliced, the Old-Fashioned Way!
I was thinking to post the sacriligious Danish cartoons that have the Arabic Euro-trash so upset. I have been following this ridiculous story over at Michelle Malkin's great blog. She had the guts to put up the offensive cartoons, and I see that numerous other publications, both print and web, are doing the same. I didn't find the cartoons all that funny or offensive, so I made one of my own.

Having seen otherwise devout Mohammedans sneak bacon onto their plates at the breakfast buffet, and personally known a large number of Islamic cats that loved to drink alcohol, (mostly soldiers), I know they are subject to the weaknesses and failings common to all humanity. I find it hilarious to picture Arabs chowing down on forbidden meat, their eyes glazed with the perverse pleasure of pork.

While the Danes are probably just reaping what they have sown, like the French car burnings, I feel sorry for them. After all, they make some of the best canned ham you can get. If you care for canned ham. So, for the Danish hog farmers, the Plains Feeder has adopted the following logo du jour:
Update: Commenters hint that the old feeder should worry about retaliation. The rotten fruit of Islam pictured today at Michelle Malkin's post "In their own words" don't scare me. Come on out and try to behead, annihilate, exterminate, massacre, and or slay this old cat if you can. I'll be the one in the seed corn hat.
Update: The Prophet Brand Pork Chops 'cartoon' has been entered in a contest. See the other entries and vote for your favorite at the Infidel Bloggers Alliance.

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