October 11, 2004

Welcome to Democracy

Congratulations to all freedom loving Citizens of Afghanistan on their first generally and freely elected government ever. I have heard it said that it was their first general election in 5,000 years. The Athenians weren't even holding general elections 5,000 years ago. Why not give them credit for their first ever?

It seems they pulled off a pretty good election. Even the UN seems to think so. Their Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian affairs posts this nice account with this caveat:

[ This report does not necessarily reflect the views of the United Nations]

Of course, the United Nations doesn't stand for democracy. Never has, and never will. More about my view of that ugly chancre on New York City are bound to surface, as I get the hang of blogging.

To Afghans everywhere, welcome to a great opportunity. So far, so good.

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