January 03, 2005

IBM Selectric Composer

During the recent presidential election the fool on the hill was amazed to see CBS News allow Dan Rather and his ugly gang of truth twisters to use obvious forgeries of documents purporting to show President Bush in a bad light. No fool when it comes to typesetting, I spotted the fakeness straight away. Then I found Kevin Aylward's dissection of the matter on Wizbang. All the research and background I found there convinced me I was right: the docs had to be faked.

The upshot of the matter is that the only way these Texas Air National Guard docs could be real is if they had been typed on an IBM Selectric Composer. This was a fancy tool that TANG offices probably didn't have. I wondered who did use these things besides publishers. Then I saw this picture of Rosemary Woods in her White House office trying to demonstrate how she might have accidentally created the infamous 18 minute gap on Nixon's Watergate tapes. If I'm not mistaken, that is an IBM Composer she has on her desk. Could there be a connection? Where are the Moonbats when you need them?

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