January 28, 2005

A Plains Tradition: "Fill-in-the-blank Days!"

Out here we have Corn Days, Crazy Days, Beet Days, Trail Days, Frontier Days and Your-town-name-here Days. (There was a trend for a while to spell Days as Daze, but that has mostly passed.) Now Gilbert, Minnesota wants to have 'Whorehouse Days'. Naturally, this has caused an uproar. The town has a long standing reputation for sex trade, but some locals don't want to advertise it. But now, the cat is out of the bag, "The damage has been done," resident Fran Marolt was qouted in the Feed Trough article as saying, "This is not a family-oriented activity." I thought it was funny. I wonder if I could still get a tee shirt?

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  1. They're only a stone's throw from Hibbing, Bob Dylan's hometown. Too bad they couldn't have lined him up. His pencil thin mustache and cowboy suit would have been just the look to bring their whorehouse days into the 21st century. And if Jesse Ventura were still govenor, and still sympathetic to prostitution, they could have put themselves on the map again. But I guess the family folks are trying to put that notoriety behind them, which means ptg will have to order his "Whorehouse Days" tee shirt from India. dg


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