January 21, 2005

They've got their Irish up

Ban the Fun, continued:
What can I say, I have always liked the bullfights. I went to them as a kid, and haven't missed a chance to go ever since. Would-be matadors practiced in an empty lot near my home when I was 8 or 9 years old. We lived in Madrid. They used a set of horns attached to a large wheelbarrow sort of contraption. They had real swords! Looked like fun to me. But the Irish Council Against Blood Sports wants to close down Las Ventas. Too many folks having fun, enjoying life, I guess.

We don't have a Plaza de Toros here in not-very-mediterranean Nebraska, but we do have the rodeo! I'd like to see some Irish Council on anything get our cowboys to give up watching the bull riders. But they probably won't because most of the blood in our State Blood Sport is shed by the human participants. Perhaps these misguided Irish cranks are really animal rights kooks. If I thought they were a real threat, I'd check them out. See who is funding their creepy web site.

If you would like to learn to be a matador, try a school like this one: Link

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  1. Those weenies should open their 'compassionate' Irish eyes a little wider and check out the real matador, Mother Earth, who invented blood sports as I see it. Every drop that's spilled quenches her insatiable thirst. I can almost hear her stomach growling right now as she waits for a few more of us 2&4 legged bulls to drop to the ground and be lapped up by her hungry and pitiless tongue. What a mean bitch! But I love her more than anything and want to fatten up, hoping she'll savor me for just a moment....


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