March 09, 2005

Dan Rather's going: I see him swirling in the bowl.

I didn't like Dan Rather. Not ever. I always felt that he was in league with the one-worlders who can't see communist thinking for the nasty business it really is. A fellow traveller. And a smart-ass to boot. As his grotesque "leave-taking" unfolded this past week I could barely restrain my impulse to write something nasty about Dan; a sort of parting shot. Then I saw this article linked on the Drudge Report from My Way News. The writer quotes Vanity Fair media columnist Michael Wolff, who sums up the "network bigs" reaction to Dan's departure thusly, "I think the network recognizes the vastness of his leave-taking, the end-of-an-era nature of it, and the difficult choices it means the network bigs will have to make, at the same time that they're relieved he's going." Brings to mind the feeling that goes with taking a dump after being constipated for days. Very satisfying, but you aren't really relieved until the turds clear the trap without clogging.

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