March 18, 2005

Elkhorn - Omaha annexation duel is a draw for now

Omaha Mayor Fahey now wishes he could get the toothpaste back into the tube. The annexations he thought would be a big coup for him are tied up in court. The only interesting news from now until trials begin will concern whether Omaha can get Elkhorn enjoined from pursuing a sort of 'scorched-earth' policy. A better analogy would be the 'poison pill' of corporate takeover stragegists. Elkhorn could sell its assets off in sweetheart deals, conditionally engorge the city employees' severance packages, etc. The arguments on both sides of these issues are interesting, but not novel. Fahey's Pearl Harbor sneak annexation attack on Elkhorn and its neighbors hasn't helped his chances of reelection. He would have been better advised to make noise about getting the traffic in the city moving again. Pour the man another green beer.

The WOWT article linked here sums up the situation with an apt metaphor, "The duel is a draw for now." Aren't all duels draws right up until they are over? There is only one point in a real duel, the winning point. Maybe they have draws in sissified French 'sword' duels.

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