March 24, 2005

Legal Contortions - Moral Distortions

I guess I'm too old and arthritic for the advanced legal contortions required to comprehend how Ms. Schiavo's sorry predicament could or should be alleviated by petitioning the courts of law. The arguments are more convoluted than a string theorists extra dimensions. Monday morning lawyering has already started, and she isn't even cooling off yet. Kevin at Wizbang Blog puts it straight out: "Terri Schiavo is going to die because Michael Schiavo has better lawyers." Add this to the legion who would blame the judges, like John, who is On the Right Side of Hypocrisy, and accuses various judges of murder. The whole mess has made conservatives look hypocritical for prodding federal judges to 'activism', which is supposed to be anathema to the right.

Toward finding a non-legalistic analysis, and at the same time not wishing to review the postures of contemporary religious dogma, I happened across this: . The American Journal of Bioethics editors blog, rich with links to other bioethics related blogs. Here is a source of reading that is not only morally reflective, but full of stuff I hadn't thought about in relation to the Schiavo matter. They can't resist trying to be constitutional lawyers, but hey, who can these days? At least it isn't ALL legal yoga.

I always thought the only real job a constititutional lawyer could have would be as a professor of constitutional law. Where's the money in constitutional law, I thought. Goes to show you what I know.

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