March 25, 2005

Mike Fahey and J. Edgar Hoover

Hoover - Fahey
The upcoming Omaha city elections just got nastier, with Mayor Mike Fahey adopting yet another of the traits that distinguished the late J. Edgar Hoover. And I don't mean confirmed bachelorhood, either. He and his cronies have stooped to using official powers to obtain the 'private' personnel records of two political opponents. Channel 7, KETV, has the story: City Personnel Records Thrown Into Municipal Elections
Cavanaugh, Friend Police Files Brought To Light, and you can read more about it at Channel 6, WOWT's site here.

Fahey's mayoral opponent, Dave Friend, and Mike Cavanaugh, who is trying to unseat one of Faheys stooges on the City Council, were both Omaha policemen in days gone by. Now their employment records are 'out' and being used by Fahey's downtown gang to disparage these fine men's service.

Are you old enough to remember J. Edgar Hoover? The former FBI director who kept dossiers on anyone he figured could help or hurt him in his efforts to deify himself as the pharaoh of the FBI. Of course, Mr. Hoover had a few thing hanging in his closet he didn't particularly want made public. (See the Feed Trough) Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

I'm willing to stoop as low as or lower than the next cat when it comes to politics.

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