March 29, 2005

Watch your damn kids.

These kind of cases always turn my stomach. Little kids having babies and their friends and family are caught totally unawares. How does a daughter go to full term and deliver a baby in the home and her family doesn't notice? How does a son plan and possibly help carry out a school massacre and a supposedly involved dad is clueless?

In Omaha, Maria Vargas gives birth in the family bathtub, hides the kid in the dirty clothes hamper where she suffers brain damage. Channel 7, KETV has the facts here. Scott Stewart of the UNO Gateway has more in his plea for Nebraska to pass a 'safe haven' law.

Keep an eye on those kids, everybody says, including Floyd Jourdain who has been in the news lately as a spokesman for the Red Lake Band of Chippewa, reeling after the tragic killing spree. Next thing you know, his own son is arrested for having some role in the killings. Here's an involved parent who is unaware that his son is hanging out with a 'National Socialist Native American' creep.

I would think a Nazi Indian would stick out like a white sheet at a NAACP meeting. Dad is proud of his sons' accomplishments, puts pictures of them on his web page. Dad scrapes his finger at his neighbors while his own son is shaming the community. Ms. Vargas was afraid that her family would toss her out on the street if they knew she was knocked up. She shouldn't have worried: her folks obviously didn't care. They didn't even notice she was pregnant.

Watch your damn kids. Don't have kids if you don't have the time to raise them. Pinch their heads off if they show nasty tendencies and can't be trained. Otherwise, you might as well send them straight to prison instead of off to school. Do it before they get a chance to breed.

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