April 09, 2005

Royal Tampon Dream Comes True

"Charles and Camilla Get Married"
I'm so happy for the homely twit and his bondo-ed bride. I recall Bonnie Prince Charlie's first wedding. I was in the middle east at the time, and I knew some brits that had a pal of theirs in the RAF surreptitiously fly a VHS tape of the proceedings via military jet right to their waiting hands. They were the envy of all the other brit expats in town, hosting a big party with the still warm video as the featured attraction.

I never could understand how anyone could believe anyone else's claims to royalty. Especially this line of creepy twits; do the newlyweds make you think Royal? Maybe their blood is blue or their shit doesn't stink, but I doubt it. It is good to see the notion of royal blood going down the tubes. Almost as good as seeing royal blood actually spilled on the ground.

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