May 27, 2005

It was bound to happen

Now the 'sissify the world' movement wants to regulate our use of sharp objects. Naturally, it would crop up in England, where folks still bend their knees to a loathsome royal family. The BBC reports, as Drudge dredged up this morning, that, "Kitchen knives can inflict appalling wounds" and therefore the limey medical community is crying out for the knife control.

Actually, we here in Nebraska are 'way ahead of them. We have the knife control on the books now. Knives are covered by our nifty concealed weapon law, where they are treated exactly like guns. But, of course, you have the wonderful 'affirmative defense' to raise when you are caught carrying that new french chef's knife home from the yuppie kitchen store concealed in a shopping bag.

The brit doctors don't actually want to ban knives, just to make them safer, like the non-pointed scissors kids used to carry in school. The Doctors say today's knives are "too pointed." What next, pool cues too stiff? Baseball bats too hard? Is there no end to the foolishness?

Home butchering, like home schooling, is one of those liberating things that all governments, by their very nature, abhor.

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