May 12, 2005

My first blog manifesto

Back in the day, if you had something to say, you published a manifesto. Manifesto writing has fallen out of favor, probably done in by the triumph of relativism. Which is ironic, because so many of the better known manifestos of yore were early proponents of relativism. Relativist thought carries the seeds of its own destruction; a self-fulfilling dialectic.

Whereas: reading the news is making me sick to my soul, and whereas forming opinions smacks of work, and whereas suffering public criticism from strangers is mildly irritating; I resolve to change my attitude about the Plains Feeder. I'm going to become a stringer for my own blog. I haven't the motivation to be a real contributor.

Call it the easy way out, whatever, but I'm only going to post when and what suits my whim. I'm an old, tired man who gets indigestion from thinking about current events. There are lots of things on the Internet that won't get me too agitated. Things must be happening that won't make me think humanity is a righteous flash in the pan.

I just got my garden spaded up and planted before the rain started. Now I think I'll sit back and read Candide again.

Thanks to Abe of DLMSY for keeping the Feeder alive during my absence. My girl friend said, "It has been a long 2 weeks." the other day. It has been. Besides my unpleasant bout with PANG, a very close uncle died. Om mani festo, hum.

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