May 15, 2005

Nebraska: a pink state?

Ernie Chamber's gay rights bill fails. Who'da guessed? Nebraskans like their queers in the closet by a big majority. According to, the proposal was rejected because of its inclusion in the main 2-year budget now under consideration. I think Ernie should tack his proposal onto the next bill that would raise the Unicameral members' pay.

Now our anti gay marriage State Constitution is declared unconstitutional by a federal activist judge who just knows all us hayseeds are wrong. Ryne McClaren's excellent blog has it covered here Nebraska Marriage Amendment: Unconstitutional. We should change our Constitution to allow federal judges to add amendments to it whenever they feel we need one. This would save the state big money in future litigation avoided, and make the city-slickers respect us for being progressive in spite of our peasantness.

We missed a big chance in the 50's and 60's. A real big chance.

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