May 02, 2005

Omaha, the Blue Island

I'm just listening to Tom Becka, an Omaha radio talk show host, point out that Mayor Fahey's slick TV ads are far superior to challenger Dave Friend's low-budget bits. And he believes Omaha voters will fall for a slick, upbeat campaign ad that glosses over all the real issues. Becka suggests that issues like pot holes and trash hauling are what Dave should have emphasized, blah blah. But Fahey's ads don't touch these issues either. Fahey's ads are richly produced, feel-good ads. Costly ads. Friend's ads look cheap because there are cheap. Friend's friends aren't all rich people, like Mike Fahey's friends are.

Why does Becka think Omaha's mostly liberal voters would throw in with a man whose fat-cat friends can afford to buy Hollywood quality ads for him? I thought the Democrat party stands up for the little people and loves the poor. Why do they look to old-fashioned bosses with greasy chins for leadership?

Nebraska, where you can't tell the Democrats from the Reublicans without a program.

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