June 18, 2005

Beauty Treatment

Let's say you're a young blood in northwest Louisiana and you want to get ahead in this dog eat dog world. You've decided that armed robbery is a career choice that appeals to you. Not only do you get to choose your own hours and location of employment, you don't have to spend years taking orders from people you don't like and perform stupid tasks on a daily basis for the ones who are paying your salary. With this particular profession you're the one giving orders from the very first day.

Still, you're smart enough to realize that - like most occupations - a certain amount of seasoning is required to perfect your skills. With that in mind you walk in the door of the Blalock Beauty College and get right to work taking charge and scaring the hell (and money) out of every woman there. It would have been pretty easy money except for 'big momma' and her damned old foot.

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