June 25, 2005

How can I blog and stay alive?

How can I blog and stay alive? The news is so awful that to read it upsets my battle-scarred liver. No kidding. The news can cause me to swell up like a toad. As if Red China buying up America wasn't bad enough, the Supreme Court says we individuals never really owned any of it in the first place. We are about to lose the war. Cultists, perverts, and dope fiends conspire with lunatic utopian schemers to re-shape what used to pass for The American Way.

My girlfriend says, "The world is going to hell in a hand-basket." I think we might just see that handbasket arrive in hell during our lifetime.

A whole generation has been sold a cheesy motivational slogan: MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Make a difference, any difference, or your short, wretched life will be wasted. What about preserving Culture, Heritage and Manners? OTFW! I wanna make a difference.

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