June 09, 2005

OPS's Mackiel to face Steve Brown

Steve's tough questions foil another guest's
efforts at dissembling and obfuscation
Steve Brown,the "Dean" of area talk show hosts, will have OPS Superintendent John Mackiel as his guest on his weekend talk show. Tune in to 1290 AM, KKAR, or listen in on the web at 1:00 PM Saturday and Sunday. I know Steve used to think Mackiel was cool, but now that he is revealed as Der Fahey's own Goebbels, who knows what will transpire.

In further developments, Channel 6, WOWT says the "Omaha Public School District has kicked a hornets' nest" and "opponents have opened fire." Will Mackiel be able to keep his head under Steve Brown's relentless interviewing style? Tune in this Saturday!

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