July 17, 2005

Chicken Feed

Amazing chicken stories are popping up everywhere, it seems, the latest being this one about chickens that are able to see beyond the next kernel of corn. Tests were run showing that chickens were able to wait a little bit longer for the waitress to bring dinner if they believed that the longer they waited, the more food they would get.

Well, hey! Makes me think of CD's, savings accounts, Social Security, or any financial arrangement that involves someone else making money with your money until it's time for them to give it back to you with interest. Most likely Wall Street isn't going to give up its love affair with the bull, but for financial pipsqueaks like myself I'm thinking the 'chicken market' is the way to go.

Literally, including the head. Most Asian cultures consider the all-knowing-chicken- head the best part of a chicken dinner, the part you would offer to an honored guest but would rather eat yourself. I'm not going to research it on this post, but maybe there's something going on inside that fowl noggin that could do a lot of us some good if we could bring ourselves to eat it.

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