July 07, 2005

Put an end to Dutch Imperialism in the Western Hemisphere

Is there no end to Dutch perfidy? According to this UPI story, the Dutch rulers of Aruba not only prey upon foreign vacationers, but will let their wooden shoe-licking Surinamese collaborators sue the victim's family should they have the temerity to complain. To wit: "The mother of a missing Alabama teenager could face a libel lawsuit for speaking publicly about two suspects' release from an Aruban jail."

Here we have all the Euro-trash of the world accusing the United States of wicked Imperialism, while creeps like the Dutch and the French maintain their own outposts of Empire right in our back yard. Even the beleaguered Brits have tricked the US into thinking their flag should fly over the Falklands. But the Hollanders are the worst. The time to fight back is here!

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