July 13, 2005

There is no way, I have seen his passport.

Terrorist murderer Shehzad Tanweer, late of the London tube bombings, couldn't possibly have slipped from Pakistan into Afghanistan to train at an Islamic terr camp. So says his uncle in this story from The Daily Mail, Bomber's uncle: 'Forces' drove him to kill.
"Mr Ahmed said his nephew went to Pakistan for two months earlier this year to study religion.
He denied earlier reports that his nephew travelled to Afghanistan and took part in training camps. 'There is no way, I have seen his passport.'"
Bull puckey! Its been 20 years since the old feeder had reason to travel with more than one passport. (If nothing else, it was nice to keep the Israeli stamps out of the ones you might use in arab countries.) I know it is not only possible to go from one country to another without getting your passport stamped, it is ridiculously easy.

You don't need connections or cloak and dagger tricks; a plain old bribe generally works anywhere in the near to middle east. And if you don't mind non-touristic modes of travel and accommodation, you won't need to show your passport(s) to anyone.

I'd hate to be an terrorist's uncle.

In the 80's, hijackings were really just that, hijackings. I was told to eat any ID that could peg me as an American if my flight got 'jacked. So the terrs wouldn't single me out to kill first during 'negotiations', I guess. I don't know if I could have eaten a couple of passports , an international driver's license, a US govt. ID card, etc. Thankfully I never had to find out.

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