September 23, 2005

bin Laden's weather machine

Stephen Cimbala, a political scientist at Pennsylvania State University, says "It's like Osama bin Laden's running the weather", as part of an article noting a correlation between the hurricanes, Katrina and Rita, and President Bush's slipping poll numbers. Like maybe Osama was planning to seek the Democrat nomination in 2008.

This comment has been picked up by Islamo Fascists at the Islamic Community Net hosted by Yahoo. With the slight theological adjustment that it is really Allah who runs the weather. To wit:
Allah (S.W.T.) has protected Usama bin Laden all these years from the most intense McCarthyite mudslinging and ensuing military mobilization ever in the history of the all mankind while simultaneously plaguing the US with horrendous drought, huge flocks of locusts, floods and hurricanes - just to name a few of the huge problems faced by the US during the Bush regime. Just last year, "Homeland Security" was in all a tizzy because they were worried that bwoo-ha-ha terrorists would sneak soybean "rust" (a plant parasite) from deep within South America to the US.
This news was quickly picked up and run with by the Chiapas Indy (commie) site, which will print anything as long as it can be twisted into anti-Americanism. Now it has made its way to this commie blog P, which hides its Marxist bent under the skirts of Populism and Progressivism.

I'm pretty sure that Osama's wicked terrorist weather machine's control center is located in Venezuela, with some of the hurricane directing equipment operating out of Aruba and Cuba. It only makes sense. Rumsfeld's old weather machine, abandoned by the US in Viet-Nam, has been perfected by the ChiComs and sold off to Osama's Al Qaeda. It is just too obvious. Even the Fishing Girls are on the Hurricane Storm Surge weapon.
Update: Paxety Pages' Mahone Dunbar sees Bush as the Weather Master with the help of G.O.D. (Hat Tip: Babalu Blog)

Update: MosNews: A meteorologist in Pocatello, Idaho, claims Japanese gangsters known as the Yakuza used KGB inventions to cause Hurricane Katrina; numerous blogs sucked in.


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