September 07, 2005

Che died crapping his pants

"Look, he did crap his pants! Make sure you get a shot of this."
Mora, at Babalu Blog, reports that director Steven Soderbergh is planning a new movie about Che Guevara. The hope is that the movie will portray Che as the muderous criminal that he was, rather than glorify him as some sort of super macho revolutionist.

With all the Che Chic nonsense putting his ugly head on tee-shirts and liberal web sites, I'm not surprised Mora has doubts:
"I have a major reservation about the stated ending, which apparently shows che as brave. This is a false portrayal. che was a cold blooded killer who had 'that look' that certain people who've killed a lot of people actually have. But like the coward he was, he was crapping his pants like a yellowbelly when he knew the Bolivians meant business and this after a lifetime of killing worthy and decent people. That's how he should be portrayed and how he should go down. "
The Plains Feeder has found the revealing photo at the top of this post. It shows a Bolivian officer making sure that the photograher gets a shot of Che's soiled undies. Sadly, that photo seems to have been lost, but there is still plenty of proof that Che is Still Dead.

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