September 23, 2005

Omaha Highlights - Its all about the kids

The clash of the titans of the OPS (Omaha Public School) district's move to seize the Sudetenland force its more successful neighbors into its failing grasp happened today. OPS Superintendant John Mackiel pushed his Bolshevik "One City, One School District" Gosplan, while Millard Superintendent Keith Lutz represented the Kulaks voice of property values reason. Nothing happened; read about it here:

Meanwhile Omaha sex offenders were the talk of the town. Whatever we are doing about child molesters and other criminal sex perverts, it sure isn't working. Read today's news on WOWt's web: Pantywaist punishments, half-way houses, and wimpy bureaucratic "crackdowns" don't help. But they provide top quality job security to a large number of government employees at every level, nook and cranny. It looks a bit like a racket to me.

If the teachers aren't politicking the kids out of a decent education, and if perverts aren't grabbing them while they are in school, then the little ones are getting sick from nasty germs. About 80 kids at Elkhorn's Fire Ridge Elementary School got ill. Maybe one of the underpaid teachers brought the Norwalk type virus back from his or her last cruise.

Its all about the kids.

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