September 15, 2005

Omaha Mayor Fahey Named in Lawsuit

Steve Wigodsky has sued Omaha's Mayor Mike Fahey in Small Claims Court. The old feeder thinks he remembers Steve from school days at Westside. The story was on the 10:00 News on Channel 6 last night. The suit addresses Steve's complaint that the Mayor is so invisible that he can't get a meeting with him. "I just wanted five or 10 minutes of his time.", Wigodsky pleaded. He asked for about $5, evidently the amount Steve thinks a face-to-face with Fahey is worth.

Fahey, often called unapproachable, aloof, and out of town, can't be bothered. Rather than meet with Steve, a taxpayer from a nice part of town, the Mayor will continue to fight in court. I should say Fahey's City Hall will do the fighting. On the taxpayer's dime.

I never noticed anything too odd about Steve Wigodsky in school. And his motives for wanting to meet the Mayor seem normal, even civic minded. But the Mayor has no time for ordinary constituents. At least not the ones living west of 72nd Street. Like Steve.

Update: Fahey and the City of Omaha get sued for real, "WBE is suing the city for $10 million" Channel 6.

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