September 22, 2005

Roberts gets a vote

Judge Karlton (in tan jacket)
President Bush has an opportunity to put the United states back on the Constitutional track by appointing two new Justices. How important this is to the Union is not to be underestimated. Judge Roberts, now standing for Senate consent will become Chief Justice, barring the unforeseen. The next appointment will be even more momentous, and must not be used for a bargaining chip to appease the radical socialist left (RSL) in Congress.

The RSL would have us believe that, in spite of losing the elections that handed President Bush this opportunity, they must be accorded some sort of loser's rights. Remember the Two Americas? There are Two Americas now: the electoral majority , traditionally called 'the winners'; and the electoral minority, now known as 'the sore losers'. These losers cannot accept their loss and move on, (pun intended).

The sore losers must have gone to those schools that allowed only non-competitive, feel-good sports. Where all the grades were A's. They must have been raised on unconditional approval and told that they were special every day. Because they can't seem to get it: they lost the relevant elections and don't get to say who sits on the Court. The rest of America has rejected the RSL and they can't take it.

America's Constitutional system of representative democracy has taken some serious hits from the RSL. The burdensome and continuing legacies of Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton have been nowhere more onerous than in their appointments to the Federal Judiciary. We shall have to wait for these RSL judges to die before we are free of their social meddling and anti-American shenanigans.

For an example, the Feeder offers this from Ankle Biting Pundits: Judge Lawrence K. Karlton, a Jimmy Carter appointee and winner of ABP's Smails Buffoon Award. ABP lays out for you a smorgasbord of socialist stupidity and anti-American tom-foolery by this Federal judge. Karlton is the one that recently ruled that the Pledge of Allegiance is unconstitutional. He is a fool at best, a socialist dupe at better, and an enemy of the people at worst.

Word has it that Judge Roberts will receive the Consent of the Senate. He will become the next Chief Justice. But the RSL aren't going to take it gracefully. The sore losers are plotting to use their seeming acquiescence as a way to leverage their 'loser's rights' so that they might have a disproportionate voice in Bush's next SCOTUS appointment. Anything else just wouldn't be fair.

Don't let them pull this off. Write to your Senators. Keep after them. For all their talk about stolen Presidential elections, the RSL is still trying to steal the last one. We won. They lost. What remains of our Constitution will be preserved from socialist rot. If we don't bargain away our hard-won second chip.

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