September 09, 2005

This doesn't look good

This doesn't look good at all. Forcible 'evacuations' to who knows where for folks who have done no wrong. Property rights , such as they are these days, have gone right out the window in a big chunk of America. Legal, Constitutionally protected weapons are being confiscated from law-abiding citizens. All this because of a second-rate disaster? How cheaply these rights are sold. Rights that were hard won by our fathers' blood are now taken away because, as Edwin Compass, the superintendent of the New Orleans police said, ''There's nothing more important than the preservation of human life.'' Not anything, Ed?

So we flush the Constitution down the drain with the shit-water these petty tyrants are soaking in. This doesn't look good.


Update: See james "
Gun control for the poor and the dark - an act of god."
And This: The NRA doesn't seem too concerned.
Update Two: NRA responds to Plains Feeder's query.

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