September 14, 2005

What now? Wait for another storm?

Victims of Socialism
Katrina has washed the ugly detritus of the "Great Society" out into the daylight. It isn't pretty. How could the US have spent trillions of dollars to build the Great Society, to fight War on Poverty and this be what we got.

Large numbers poor and helpless semi-citizens. Folks who are told every day that they are oppressed, that their only hope is obeisance to Saint Check. Men whose manhood has been stolen by a Great Society that paid them to abandon their sons and daughters. That paid them not to marry or to plan a career. That paid women to breed more clients for the swelling cadres of social workers and correctional officers. That paid men and women to live in squalor. That paid them to send their kids to worthless public schools. A Great Society that left them to their own devices to form values and morals.

The powers that run the Big Easy didn't want the out of town customers to see this evidence of social failure. After all, they were gaming the system to their greasy benefit. And now Katrina has washed their shame out into the street. These folks are victims of more than just a storm. They are the miserable detritus of our experiment with socialism.

What now? Spend more money? We have already spent trillions only to see the numbers of these wretches increase. Wait for another storm?
Update: For an analysis that is well considered (read: less like a rant) and a treat to read see Katrina at North Western Winds.
The trouble with anti poverty programs that are too generous is that they serve to break down the cause and effect relationship between decisions that we make. I'm not arguing that the intent behind such programs is malign, but we have a responsibility to observe the results of our actions and if need be, concede that they might be ill founded. People are not turnips that will flourish - guaranteed! - if only we will give them the right amount of water and fertilizer. People live in relationships with one another and it is those webs of relation that need to be cared for. If the webs in New Orleans had been healthier, there would have been fewer people stranded and those charged with their care would not have been content to send them to the dome when there were busses that could have been used to get them out. Needless to say, such a society would not loot it's neighbors or shoot at its rescuers.
I think this Canadian might just be OK.
Dick McDonald at The Right Scale: The Great Society turned out to be The Poorer Society.
* The hoodoo view: Katrina reveals nefarious agenda – the destruction of the great society.
* The Austrian School raises Hayek's 'compassionate' head again at Balkinization.
* The 'hell in a handbasket' crowd, bless their hearts, are well represented at Misantropicity.
* Get your AP story for today from the Frat Pack. Katrina and a second look at government. Don't laugh.

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