October 21, 2005

Arrests Likely in Katrina 'Mercy Killings'

Update: 7/18/06 - Doctor and nurses arrested, charged with 2nd degree murder
Perhaps the stories of panicky doctors and other care-givers having killed patients and other helpless folk during the hurricane Katrina disaster in New Oleans and other affected areas are true. The Washington Post reports that Louisiana Attorney General Charles 'Hummer' Foti says his office will likely be filing charges.
Six hospitals and 13 nursing homes in Louisiana are under investigation. The investigations were wide-ranging, looking into whether patients were abandoned, evacuated improperly, or euthanized to spare them further suffering, said attorney general's spokeswoman Kris Wartelle.
If these charges are true, I hope they don't get off with some theory of justification. Euthanasia, last I heard, was still a crime here in America. I can already hear the apellate courts citing Dutch law.

For some laughs, read more news stories about the antics of Louisiana AG Charles Foti, courtesy GoogleNews and what the blogs are saying, from Technorati.

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