October 25, 2005


I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the Blogrolls here at the Feeder. Expect items to be added, moved, and deleted . I want to set up better categories, including some blogs I read for more esoteric reasons. For example, I need a new category for blogs to keep an eye on. You know what I mean. Lets say you walk into the seediest bar in Tijuana, the kind with a red velvet curtain instead of a door. The velvet is caked smooth like leather where the patron's hands have pushed it aside. You make a quick check of the place for cats you will want to keep an eye on, e.g. borrachos, locos, ladrones, pistoleros, and choose your table accordingly. Here is such a blog. I discovered it while searching for news on the unsettling Prussian Blue white supremacist kiddies. Maybe now you understand why I want to keep an eye on this blog. I need a Blogroll category for it. Any suggestions?

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