October 31, 2005

Hippy Babtist Minister Struck Dead

Electrocuted post modern Pastor Kyle Lake at left
The Drudge Report is often good for a laugh. Today the old feeder couldn't help but click on this headline: Texas Pastor Electrocuted During Baptism. Looking a bit farther, it appears that the Rev. Kyle Lake was one of the early leaders of the University Baptist Church in Waco, Texas. The church is supposedly 'post-modern', (read: hippy). Here's more about UBC-Waco from the The Baptist Standard,
Chris Seay once told Mother Jones, a countercultural political magazine, he had been laid up in a hospital bed with appendicitis and a raging fever when God spoke to him. And the divine instructions were precise: Open a church for 20-somethings in Waco on Jan. 15, 1995.

Seven weeks later, right on schedule, Seay and David Crowder, a Waco-based recording artist, launched University Baptist Church. That first Sunday, about 275 people showed up.

Today, weekly attendance is about 600, and the church still is catering to the generation known to demographers as the Millennials. Something between a coffeehouse, comedy club and a catacomb, University Baptist Church meets in a cavernous space painted in Mardi Gras hues and sporting an ear-numbing sound system--not your father's Christian sanctuary.

And that's the point. This congregation, Baptist in name and doctrine but eclectic and ecumenical in flavor, is 97 percent college-aged--and 100-percent committed to "living in community" with other followers of Jesus Christ, said Kyle Lake, its pastor the last four years.
I wonder if the babtismal candidate when the Pastor was electrocuted will need a do-over? She wasn't hurt in the incident. Call me superstitious, but if I was that person, I would be looking for a different church.
Update: If it seems to you that the old feeder doesn't care very much about other people, or takes their suffering too lightly, you can read a Very Serious and Caring analysis of this unfortunate incident at DeeperStudy, Electrocution in the baptistry: Why risk it?

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