October 12, 2005

Liberian Elections

Liberia - 1980
I first saw it on the BBC: "Counting is under way across Liberia following voting in the first national elections since the end of the 14-year civil war in 2003." Blogcritics.org has it here. The Liberian Times has election news and background.

Liberia has been a real mess for a long time. More than 14 years' worth. It is the disfunctional result of idiotic social and geopolitical meddling. Starting with the US government encouraged (read: funded) American Colonization Society. Good intentions pave the road to hell, I guess.

From what I can see from the feedlot, things may be getting better. I can recall when Liberian politics consisted of machine-gunning the losers. That was how you lost: you got tied to a post and shot.

Good luck to the Liberians. They're going to need it!

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