October 10, 2005

Perspective on the earthquake in Pakistan

The numbers look bad. Tens of thousands reported dead from yet another natural disaster. (Are there un-natural disasters?) Media coverage consists largely of blaming everyone in sight. Sounds just like Katrina-Rita. The MSM has a mind set not unlike that of an aggressive tort lawyer.

Today's editorial in the Pakistan Daily Times gives a more rational view: "The truth is that no government anywhere, but particularly in the Third World, can be prepared for large-scale post-disaster management."

There! Someone finally said it. Some things that happen are simply not problems your government can be reasonably expected to solve. Where you go from there depends on the source of your faith, if any. If you are a true believer in secularism, then you must consider becoming an international statist. Give your life and your home folks over to the UN. Everyone else can pray.
Update: Godless Calvin Woodward at WaPo says we're helpless as against nature. I almost feel sorry for the alienated jerk.

Update: Paul at Wizbang Blog calls it conceit - he's right. Hubris is the seed of all Global Warming theories.

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