October 06, 2005

Sex perverts play musical chairs

Nebraska's Most Wanted Missing Sex Perverts
Click picture to get to know them better

Since Iowa has passed new rules for registered sex offenders that place complicated limits on where they can live, city councils and state legislatures in states neighboring Iowa are concerned that frustrated Iowa perverts will move across the border. At least one Nebraska town has passed an ordinance copying the Iowa residence restrictions. Other towns are likely to follow suit.

All of this sounds like feel-good legislation that really won't protect kids from perverts. Making them live a bit farther from schools, for example, just makes the deviants' icky work a bit more difficult. As the picture above shows, Nebraska has trouble keeping track of its own sex offenders. It is a montage from the Nebraska Sex Offender Registry's Most Wanted list.

What to do with these broken clocks? The recidivism rate being bandied about for sex perverts is over 50%, and these figures only include repeat offenders that get caught. Here at the Plains Feeder, we have a modest proposal. Give these dogs one bite. Punish that one bite severely. For any second offense they should get a quick trip to Nebraska's underused electric chair.

Update: Gunscribe From the Heartland is 'way ahead of me! If you catch one of these pedophiles in the act, consider shooting them. Or if the only weapon you keep handy is a sword, at least learn how to use it!

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