October 15, 2005

Teacher that sold meth to make ends meet meets end

Jolene Cortez - would like to teach again

Former Nebraska teacher Jolene Cortez, 34, pleaded guilty in federal court on Friday morning to a charge of possession and intent to deliver meth. Read the news here at WOWT. Get the bleeding heart version here at the OmahaChannel. I'm sure the World Herald will have something weepy for her. After all, she's a white collar poison pusher. Good people. A victim of tax cuts and slashed education budgets. We wouldn't want to send her away for a long stay in the Federal pen. Thats just for the jittery white punks and negroes that sell meth to get easy money.

Everyone is howling about how meth is ruining our kids. Its so bad ordinary folks can't get a cold pill without a hassle. But this poor underpaid teacher who had to sell meth to make ends meet, who gets caught with between 2.5 and 3.5 ounces of meth, now says she wants to teach again. "She's clean, sober, everything is going well for her now", according to her lawyer. Lets give her another chance.

Read what Doug Patton wrote about this case after she was busted: No Excuse for Drug-Dealing Teacher, and Jan Larson's article: Teacher is a Drug Dealer. Jolene's arrest story is here.

Update: Meg at WhyWeHomeschool includes this story in a long round-up of reasons to home school your kids.

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