November 17, 2005

Is your school having a Tookie Teach-In?

From PRNewswire comes this unsettling story: "Schools and after school youth programs in California and across the nation are conducting "Teach Ins" in support of clemency for Stanley Tookie Williams." You should find out if any of the teachers at your kids' schools are having a Tookie teach-in.

Why? Because Tookie isn't just a convicted and 'appealed-out' murderer, but Tookie was a co-founder of the Crips street gang. These murderous 'gangsters' have corrupted and poisoned youth all across America, including the heartland. Gangs are sucking the life out our cities and moving into our smaller towns.

But, now that his appeals have run out, he has 'reformed'! And it would be wrong to kill a cat who is so cool. Now, the Intellectual Moonbat Left Hollywood Dopes and parasites-noir are protesting Tookie's upcoming, well-earned execution. These people want you to believe that gangs do good things too. They make the 'hood safe from brutal cops. Some 'ganstas' even write children's books and draw pictures. Talk about getting Mau-Maued.

What is happening at your kids' school? A Tookie teach-in?

BTW: The California Corrections folks at San Quentin, in an unusual public statement in support of an upcoming execution, say that Tookie has continued to run his gang business from his cell. The reformed Tookie is a sham. I guess these cats would know.

Update: Tookie's son is wanted for a rape he allegedly committed last Saturday in Fontana California. H/T to Playahata. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. The Feeder also notes that California cops want no mercy for Tookie, either.
The old feeder has no kids but pays property taxes. I'd hate to think I was paying for a Tookie love-fest.
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