November 12, 2005

More riots in France- le Jihad?

Disaffected young adults of the French Islamic welfare-bourgeois class continue to strike out at the French socialist planned and executed circumstances of their arguably wretched lives. There has been still more car burning in France. Could this be the face of the new, non throat-cutting, Jihad? Perhaps it is a french flavored Euro al-Qaeda, not like the middle eastern head chopping deperados, or the well fed British tube bombers.

Whatever you call 'em, they are still at it, in spite of what you don't hear from the MSM.

Paris was reportedly quieter, if you can call having 3,000 riot police in the Muslim 'hoods quiet. Toulouse and Lyon both saw more burning. The French cops are finally showing a little gumption, firing tear gas at the Islamo-hooligans (or social victims or oppressed minority youths or terrorists).

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