December 17, 2005

Are kids more stupid now?

It seems to me kids are less intelligent now than they were even 50 years ago. This series of stories from KETV, Omaha's Channel 7 News, does nothing to dispel that notion.
  • October 13th: Palmyra Fatal Fire Is Suspicious
  • October 15th: Bodies In Palmyra Fire Are Of 2 Teens
  • Today: Teens Most Likely Started Fatal Palmyra Fire
These 18-19 year old cats started the fire themselves, then sat still for it to kill them. Otoe County Attorney Jeff Funke said "there was no sign of suicide or foul play and the teens may have become disoriented after starting the fire", and "search dogs were unable to find evidence of a fire accelerant at the property". There is no mention of meth or booze other drugs being found in the autopsies.

If there wasn't foul play, and it wasn't suicide, that leaves only stupidity to blame for the deaths. Two people don't just burn themselves to death by accident, do they? Even if it was some sort of freak accident, how smart could these young men have been to get into a situation like this? Mr. Funke thinks they became disoriented after starting the fire. I think they were disoriented before they started the fire.

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