December 01, 2005

Google News Biased?

Morning Google News
The President gives a rousing and well-received "Victory Speech" yesterday. So what did I see this morning as the very top headlined story at Google News? An MTV story: How Did Bush Fall This Far? Google claims their news page is set up without human intervention, but it sure looks to me like the 'algorithm' they use to pick news stories has an anti-Bush bias. Look for yourself; none of the stories about the Bush speech are favorable. He gets 'some praise' overseas, but 'refuses' to set a timetable for defeat in Iraq. That's what they wanted him to do, I guess.

Not one to go off half cocked, I decided to wait until this afternoon to try again. Perhaps the Google algorithm would pick some newer stories. Well, just a few minutes ago, here is what Google News served up:

Afternoon Google News
What do I see? Bush's message 'stymied', Bush losing touch with real people, listening only to yes-men and 'declaring victory', and still 'refusing' to schedule a pullout. if this isn't biased news reporting I don't know what is. I don't care if it is an lib-programmed algorithm or a human hand on the keyboard, the result is the same: propaganda disguised as news.

Why this half commie, half capitalist kiddie company has such a bloated stock value is beyond me. Must be the newness. CNN didn't get any slack for X-ing out Vice-President Cheney's speech. Google News does the same damn thing all day, every day and nobody seems to notice. These cats need some serious Fox News style competition.

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