December 06, 2005

Pen gun takes young man’s life?

What a stupid headline! The Springfield, Ohio News-Sun prints this: Celebration turns tragic when pen gun takes young man’s life. Sounds like the 'pen gun' deliberately disguised itself as a harmless writing implement and killed this poor cat when he wasn't looking. Actually, the idiot, a budding rap singer, put the nasty little gun up to his head and pulled the trigger. Pulled it repeatedly. What kind of man puts a gun that he knows is loaded but believes to be 'jammed' and therefore 'safe', up to his head and clicks away? A man too stupid to own a gun, I'd say. I can hear the "ban this, ban that" crowd scratching off letters to their legislators right now. "Ban the rapper killing pen guns!"

I'm not sure what a pen-gun is, but it sounds like maybe a novelty item. It fires a wimpy .25 cartridge, which not known as a man stopper. But if you shoot one up the nose, in the mouth or up against a relatively thin spot on the skull, it could cause death in fairly short order. Wounds elsewhere could prove fatal, but generally won't if medical care is available. There is no cure for being a rapper. As far as I can tell, not a one of them is fit to carry a gun. Not even a novelty gun.

The headline should read: "Stupidity takes young man's life, cop a lesson, kids."

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