December 22, 2005

Scalding thugs

Folks in the Omaha city limits must deal with numerous city ordinances which restrict and complicate gun ownership and use. I have always thought it was wrong for the cities to try to nullify the quite reasonable Nebraska State Constitution's provisions on the right to 'keep and bear'. But the cities infringe this right with impunity.

Be that as it may, it warms my heart to see resourceful and courageous Omaha folks defend their lives and their property with whatever deadly force comes to hand. Last week a couple of ladies thwarted a home invasion style robbery in their own home by throwing a pot of boiling water on the intruders! You go, girls!
A pot of simmering water left on the stove adds much needed humidity to dry, heated winter air. Now it can serve another pupose as well; scalding them as would do you harm. If you don't have a gun, for whatever reason, keeping a pot of boiling water, at least in the winter months, seems wise.

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