December 11, 2005

Sunday Sermon: Deny Social Darwinism at your own peril

The same godless NeoDarwinists who favor teaching evolution exclusively in our schools are against teaching competition. Evolution is competition. They don't want creation or 'intelligent design' taught, but yet believe humans and their world to be the pinnacle of evolution.

If Darwin teaches the believer anything, it is that if we don't compete, we don't evolve. The NeoDarwinist's hypocrisy presents as contradiction: evolution isn't for humankind or the planet* they inhabit, as though they were the image of the god; the same god they don't believe created them.

The contradiction has consequences. If Man, having reached his destination, has alighted from the evolutionary train, then he has ceased to be a competitor or a participant in evolution. The godless are philosophically and physically doomed by their efforts to save themselves.
* Environmentalists generally oppose continued evolution as well.

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