January 25, 2006

Google's shame

Quoted below is a short note I sent off to the folks at Google. This after Google took their decision to aid and abet the intellectual enslavement of the Chinese people by getting into bed with their murderous, repressive communist regime.
Your decision to throw in with the repressive totalitarian government of the People's Republic of China makes me sick. I'm hoping you took this decision out of greed, rather than sympathy, but the ugly result is the same: the promise of the internet is perverted. I'm writing to Congress to see if you can't be stopped. You are aiding and abetting the intellectual enslavement of millions of human beings. Shame on you!

You won't help our own efforts to stop terrorism, but you will help the largest totalitarian government on earth dupe and deceive it's own people. I am outraged that you should enjoy the benefit of being listed on a US stock exchange. You should issue your stock on the Chinese exchange!
The internet offers the promise of access to the world of information, free from the meddling of local tyrants and petty despots. That promise is undone if the big search engines, which make the information useful by making it 'findable', throw in with the tyrants. How would you feel if Google decided to let George Bush and his pals (or Hillary Clinton and hers) decide what you could or could not find on the internet?
Google motto: Do no evil. But its OK to help others do evil.

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