January 16, 2006

Winter Count

Lone Dog's Winter Count
It comes as no surprise to me that the red indians of the Great Plains kept track of their years by counting winters. In these parts, only if a person survives another winter may that person truly claim to be another year older. The old feeder has been wondering if he will get to put another icon on his hide when the last snow of the current winter ends. It has been one tough winter. Wah wah wah.

I'm forcing myself to start blogging today. I'm doing it to keep my mind from dwelling on this afternoon's visit to the gastroenterologist. Cirrhosis never gets better, it seems, so I'm just going in to see how much worse mine has gotten.

How far behind. blogwise, has my winter of many maladies gotten me? Lets see, first I need to finish up the mountain lion poll results. I have done some of the basic analysis already. Like the polling pros, I have my analysis pre-jiggered-up to support my own conclusions before the voting even starts. By the time I get done with it, Omaha will have gotten used to mountain lions chasing the kids and nobody will care.

It seems I promised

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