February 22, 2006

Big Lottery Winners

It's All Mine
There was a big to-do in Lincoln today as the Powerball winners finally showed up to collect their prize money. They seem like nice folks, and I'm glad they won. I never begrudge other folks their good fortune; I like to watch people win money. But what I like the most about this scene is that I'm also watching thousands of other people happily paying a tax. Taxes the state might otherwise ask me to pay. I know for a fact that the state has gotten only $6 from me with this racket. Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman said, "the Nebraska Lottery has quietly raised more than $244 million for its beneficiary funds like K-12 education." Add to that calculus all the federal and state income taxes these winners will now be paying in my stead, and my joy is further increased.
The only lady winner, pictured above, when asked if she was married said, "No, it’s all mine."

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