February 02, 2006

The Right to Rock

The congressional rockers, The Second Amendments, were on Jim Bohannon last night. They seem like nice guys, been entertaining the troops, sat through a mortar attack, and they support gun rights. I wish them well.

However, if they were in high school and practicing in dad's garage I would think a lot more practice would be in order before they started playing gigs. No doubt their status as congress guys opens lotsa doors that their talent would otherwise find closed.

Not at all unlike movie and rock stars whose sophmoric political notions always seem to find a public outlet. I'd like to see Springsteen, Bono and some other musicians locked into a music hall and being forced to listen to The Second Amendments for hours and hours. Afterwards the real musicians would have to bite their tongues while the media enthusiastically sought out the band's opinions on the world of rock 'n roll.

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