February 08, 2006

Supreme Court Mohammed carved in stone

Proposed Changes to SCOTUS Mohammed Sculpture
You might have seen the recent references to the bas-relief sculpture in the US Supreme Court building depicting the prophet Mohammed wielding a sword and flashing a book. I saw it first at Michelle Malkin's blog, here. I can't read the Arabic 'writing' shown in the sculpture, so it could be anything. I assume it is something from the Koran or one of the many quasi-sacred books about Mohammed's sayings and deeds.

As far as I know, Islam prohibits the artistic depiction of any living thing. That is why most Arabic architecture is decorated with Arabesque designs: geometric shapes that portray nothing from nature. Sometimes stylized representations of plant life are tolerated, but in the strictest sense, any artistic attempt to capture living things is seen as an affront to the Creator. In the West, we think of life art as honoring the Creator's works, but to the devout Mohammedan it is mockery. So what? Aren't we free to differ on this?

No! Or so say the Islamofascists who yearn for the Middle Ages who have not a shred of tolerance or respect for the beliefs and symbols of others. At the same time, they are as touchy as colicky babies about perceived affronts to their own. As if that wasn't bad enough, they even hate freedom, it being the opposite of the 'submission' demanded by Allah. Hence the signs reading "Freedom go to Hell":

The Plains Feeder has taken the message to heart, and encourages you all to write your representatives in Congress about changing the Supreme Court's forbidden sculptural likeness to suit the angry Mohammedans. My idea for making the offending portrait more palatable to the fanatics is shown at top.
Does it bother you that every time a raghead spits on, treads upon, burns or otherwise defaces a Danish flag, he also 'desecrates' the Christian Cross? Does this make your blood boil? Do you feel like burning an embassy or cutting off the desecrator's heads? If you are an ordinary American or, (I'm guessing here) an ordinary Dane, the answer is "no". Or at least, "Not very much". We aren't such sissies or so weak in our faith as to be seriously threatened by such acts. Lighten up, Abdool.

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