March 28, 2006

Feedlot Knives

The old feeder bought this knife in Venice many years ago. It is still one of my favorites. I have been going through old negatives and pictures this week with the object of digitizing the ones I want to keep. I came across a picture of me taken as I came out of the knife shop with my new toy. I admit to being fascinated by switchblades since I was a little tyke. This is a nice big one with heavy brass bolsters and real horn scales. Carrying this nifty tool back to Nebraska by air was no sweat, but this was before 9/11.

I figure it is more of a cutthroat's weapon. I don't think it would be any good in a fight; like any folder, it will be weak at the hinge. But it can add a persuasive note to otherwise unconvincing arguments with its hearty click and impressive size.

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