March 09, 2006

Nebraska, Our Best to You

No Logo
The Nebraska Department of Agriculture's Greg Ibach just unveiled a new logo for Nebraska agricultural products at the annual Governor’s Ag Conference in Kearney. I looked at the Dept. of Agriculture's web site, but couldn't find out what the new logo actually looks like. The only picture is in this story at the Kearney Hub. I couldn't see the logo in the picture. Probably not important to get the new logo out in front, at least from a marketing standpoint. Good enough for government marketing. From the Hub story:
A new “Proud to Buy Nebraska” logo that can be applied to any ag product sold domestically or exported to international markets was unveiled this morning by Nebraska Department of Agriculture Director Greg Ibach of Sumner.
The logo was displayed this morning at opening events for the 18th annual Governor’s Ag Conference in Kearney. Ibach also unveiled a “Nebraska, Our Best to You” logo and marketing tool kit for growers of fresh fruits and vegetables.
I preferred the fruit and vegetable slogan. Why would some foreigner be “Proud to Buy Nebraska”? Will his friends be impressed? How will anyone know he 'bought Nebraska'?

Perhaps I'll update this post if I spy the new logo. I didn't look for it very hard. Meanwhile all I can say is, "I clicked to see a logo and all I got was a slogan."

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