March 09, 2006

OPS busted on Open Meeting Law

Hofbrau Haus Meeting
Nebraska State Senator Rich Pahls has made a complaint out to the State Attorney General accusing the Omaha Public Schools of laying their foul plans to gobble up their neighbors in secret. So says this story I heard first on the KETV 10:00 News. Referring to a letter from the AG's office to OPS:
"It is alleged that the (school) board discussed the 'one city, one school district' plan in closed or executive session ... under the agenda item 'student assignment plan,'" the letter to OPS said. The question was "whether members of the board purposefully sought to avoid public awareness of that plan by preparation of an inadequate and deceptive agenda item." 'one city, one school district.'
Big surprise. In a post from June of last year, the old feeder wondered if they held their 'informal discussions' in a beer hall. We should always beware the elitist know-better types that want to plan our lives. When they try to get away with doing it in secret, bust 'em! Bruning should go for their throats.

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